attractions of yamashita park in yokohama

Yokohama City is located 30 kilometers south of Tokyo. Due to proximity to the capital and convenient access to the sea, this city became the first port to open its waters to foreign ships in 1859. Today, being the second largest city in Japan with 3.5 mln people this city accommodates a host of different global cultures in combination with the traditional Japanese culture. Yokohama is an interesting destination as a historical and cultural point. Also, it features amazing modern architecture, science and technology.
Yamashita Park is the oldest port and park in Japan stretching from the international passenger terminal along the coastline for almost a kilometer. It offers stunning views over the bay and the Yokohama Bay Bridge. The park hosts several monuments that are symbols of cultural exchange and cooperation between Japan and foreign countries. For example, the statue of The Girl in Red Shoes, Fountain of India or Water Guard, presented by its sister city San Diego, USA, in 1960. The park has the following attractions:
Osambasi Pier, built in 1896. This is the oldest pier in Yokohama city. For the Olympic Games, which took place in 1964 in Japan, the pier was completely renovated. As a result, a passenger terminal to receive foreign passenger vessels was built. Before the 2002 World Cup the terminal was again renovated and modernized. Today it plays the role of the main sea gate of Yokohama, and accepts huge cruise liners such as Queen Elizabeth II.
Hikawa-Maru Cruise LinerMoored opposite the park Yamashita vessel, known as the Queen of the Pacific, went out to the sea for 30 years, from 1930 to 1960. Today the ship is a museum open to the public. The interiors of the ship strike with elegance and chic. Famous Charlie Chaplin once traveled on this ship.